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Behind The Lens


Great to see you here.

I really appreciate you stopping by!

I am a landscape, Photographer  from New Zealand. You may have seen my work in any number of professional publications.

I'm happiest outside capturing moments in time, from the first light of morning to the last light of the dying day.

I love to explore the world, camera in hand, freezing the memorable moments I see into images to enjoy for all time.

Wheres my place in the world? I am incredibly lucky and always thankful to come home to the Waikato, New Zealand.  My own backyard is an absolute treasure trove of incredible landscapes.  Towering majestic mountains, miles of stunning, both calm and rugged coastlines, endless beautiful lakes and rivers and some of the lushest forests, in some of the worlds most fabulous national parks that you will ever see.


You can view how I capture these wonderful scenes and purchase something for your very own right here right here by browsing my Collections

You can find out more about me and how I get things done on my website

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Let's Get Connected on Instagram @Debc_NZ

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